YNW Melly “No Holidays” (Audio) (Prod. By TrillGotJuice)

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My First Christmas home in a couple years 🙏🏾🔓 and I want to thank all my family that’s been there for me every holiday I was behind a cell I wanna wish mama Jamie a happy birthday and thank you for making every holiday special for me even when I couldn’t enjoy it with my family .. I want to thank all my fans and supporters for Changing my life with out y’all there’s no me I went from a cell to a celebrity my holidays and my life is for ever with y’all we are one ❤️🌏 unfortunately there’s so many more people that’s In the shoes I was in 👨🏽‍⚖️🚓 Right now for Christmas they don’t have a tree in they room or presents jus a hard floor and a guard screaming wake up and possibly a phone call as a present 🎁 , jus know I’m here with y’all if I can’t do anything for them I’m a be they voice 📞 #NoHolidays Out Now #Youtube #Soundcloud Produced by @trillgotjuice #Ynw4L Rest In Peace my brothers Sak & Juvy I know y’all with me and watching over me it’s ynw family 4 life and after 💔🌎 Merry Christmas Everyone

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