What makes StarStreak one of the most feared missile systems in Ukraine War

The Starstreak missile is a renowned surface-to-air missile currently in service with the British Army and produced by Thales Air Defence, formerly known as Shorts Missile Systems. The missile’s development dates back to the 1980s, with the primary goal of replacing the existing Rapier missile system, which was a key element of Britain’s air defense arsenal.

The Starstreak missile system has a unique tri-dart design that distinguishes it from conventional missile systems. Upon launch, the missile propels itself towards the target, and when in close proximity, it releases three separate dart projectiles. Each dart is equipped with its independent explosive warhead and guidance system, effectively multiplying the missile’s chances of successfully neutralizing the target. This tri-dart design is one of the primary reasons the Starstreak is considered one of the most lethal short-range surface-to-air missiles in existence.

The recent war in Ukraine has brought to light the crucial role of Man Portable Air Defense Systems (MANPADS) in modern warfare, particularly older systems such as the Stinger and Starstreak missiles. Despite the rise of advanced technology and sophisticated aerial weaponry, these missile systems have proven their relevance and effectiveness in the challenging battlefield scenarios witnessed in Ukraine. The high-speed, low-flying drones and aircraft, which are increasingly prevalent in modern conflict zones, have shown vulnerability to these short-range air defense systems.

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