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About MJ Structured Settlement Annuities

MJ Structured Settlement Annuities, Inc (MJSSA) is a national industry leader in re-assigning structured settlements, lottery payments and annuities to individual investors and pension funds as well as non-profit institutions. MJSSA has re-assigned millions of dollars worth of future payments to hundreds of satisfied customers.

MJ Structured Settlement Annuities, Inc. plays a vital role in assisting their clients with the creation of a financial plan for the future which offers financial security and a worry-free lifestyle.

MJSSA has direct access to capital markets, and the expertise to take advantage of these markets on your behalf. With our products we offer higher rates of return and greater income flexibility for your retirement.

Our team is highly trained to listen carefully to our clients’ needs and to build relationships based upon respect, trust and understanding. MJSSA’s professional and knowledgeable staff have been with the company in excess of fifteen years and have the requisite knowledge and experience to get the job done right the first time. Each transaction is individually customized and based upon our client’s unique circumstances.

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