Using a Structured Settlement on a San Diego California Injured Child Accident Case

Mark Blane interviews Manny Valdez of Ringler Associates located in downtown San Diego, California. Manny is an Annuity Structure Specialist. Mark uses Manny on his personal injury cases. When an injured client receives a personal injury settlement, Manny can help that person grow their recovery with an “annuity structure” (or simply a “settlement structure”) with a reputable insurance company. By doing this, the injured party, through time, can increase their net recovery and structure a payment plan, which is guaranteed to them by said insurance company. This is the format in which they can receive their recovery funds tax free.

This type of plan works extremely well with minors who receive a personal injury settlement because under California law, the settlement funds usually have to be deposited into a blocked account with a bank until the child turns 18. But, with a well-planned structure, parents can structure their child’s settlement so the child receives the benefit of the funds on preplanned dates, and with a better growth return. Parents can control “when” their child receives their money. For example, a child can receive part of the settlement funds at age 18, and another part at 21, 25, 28, or age 30, etc. The longer the funds are in the structured format the greater return on investment.

It is great because the planned settlement structure allows for 1) time growth, and 2) control of the funds (when the person or child receives lump sum payments), and 3) a better return on the money growth. The judges love it because it guarantees the child certain payments over time that maximize the net recovery to the child in the best possible way. Parents love it because they can plan when their child gets what amount at what age.

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