Top 10 BEST Bank Accounts in 2023

Top 10 BEST Bank Accounts in 2023

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Today let’s break down the top 10 best bank accounts in 2023 to help you achieve your financial goals this year starting with the Charles Schwab high-yield investor accounts which is by far the best investment and banking combination. Just the banking products on their own are not anything crazy but there are some standout features like unlimited ATM fee reimbursements worldwide and 0.43% APY on your savings account.

At number seven is discover bank which once again offers some really unique products setting it apart from many competitors including 1% cash back on up to $3000 in debit card purchases every single month and 3% APY on your savings account. Again, discover offers some account options like certificates of deposit that some of the later platforms do not offer and with interest rates rising so quickly, CD’s are rapidly becoming a fantastic savings vehicle once again with discover offering 4% APY on a 12-month CD meaning you could lock your money in for 12 months and earn a guaranteed 4% rate of return and this rates could likely go higher in the near future.

For number four we have by far the most underrated platform on this list and that would be the Wealthfront cash account. Now I’ve talked at length about the wealth front investing platform which I personally use for all of my long-term investing since it is fully automated but what you may not know is they also offer a pretty great banking option that currently offers 3.3% APY making it the highest annual percentage yield on this list at the time of recording this video with the exception of 4% from Current which does have a savings cap. Once again you’ve got all those standard features like bill pay, early paychecks, free ATM access but the huge differentiator here is similar to what we talked about with Charles Schwab and that is the ability to seamlessly and instantly transfer money between your investing and banking accounts.

Lastly the number one all-around banking platform in 2023 in my opinion and the tool that I will continue to be using in the new year is of course SoFi. I’ve got an entire playlist of SoFi videos so I don’t want to sound like a broken record here but there’s just not much to dislike about this platform. Early paychecks, overdraft coverage, up to 15% cash back on your debit card, automated savings tools, an integrated budgeting platform, not to mention the abundance of lending products, the sofi credit card, their own investing platform including crypto investing, and the newly increased 3.5% APY on your savings account.

0:00-Schwab Bank Investor Checking
1:22-Ally Bank
2:22-Local Bank or Credit Union
3:14-Discover Bank
5:32-Quontic Bank
6:28-Wealthfront Cash
7:51-Capital One 360

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