Three major telecoms keen to scoop up back-to-school sales with student plans

Telecom carriers drummed up a tremendous amount of new business in May when they launched NT$499 a month Mother”s Day specials. Now they”re pitching an even cheaper plan, and this time it”s marketed at students. The new student plans start at NT$488 a month and offer unlimited data with no throttling. Telecoms are eager to replicate their sales surge from May, but so far, the student response has been lukewarm. Taiwan”s three major telecoms sparked chaos this year around Mother”s Day when it rolled out a “499” unlimited data plan. Now, with the semester about to start, they have launched a line of student plans with unlimited 4G and no throttling, hoping to reach deeper into the student market.The plans might come at a discount, but due to the “499” Mother”s Day fiasco, many students say they”re already tied into long contracts.Wang Ying-hsuehTelecom operatorUndergrads, graduate students, and fresh graduates have a higher standard for their mobile internet speeds, the speed during use and the stability. They also use more mobile data. We designed the unlimited data plan with that in mind.No throttling is the main selling point of these unlimited plans, and it means that students can watch their shows, video chat, and send Line messages freely without experiencing a slowdown. Telecom carriers are also targeting the summer travel market with plans featuring unlimited roaming.

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