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Kerem (Engin Ozturk) is a young and hardworking man who comes from a poor family. His father works as a gardener and his mother works as a cook for a rich family. Kerem has grown up together with the grandson of that rich family, Mert (Mehmet Ozan Dolunay). Kerem always helps their grandson and his best friend Mert (Ozan Dolunay) in everything. Therefore, he wants to leave everything behind and start a business by himself outside Istanbul.

One day, Mert’s grandmother wants Mert to manage Olivia grocery store (organic food market) before he starts to become the CEO of the family business. In order to make his grandmother be proud of himself, Mert comes up with an offer: Kerem would manage Olivia for one month and make it a profitable store; in return, Mert would give Kerem enough money so that he could start his own business. These two young men make an agreement and take one another’s place: Kerem introduces himself as Mert and becomes the manager of Olivia while Mert introduces himself as Kerem and works as an assistant director at Olivia.

On the other hand, Cansu (Hazar Erguclu) is the youngest daughter of a wealthy family from high society. Despite her wealth, she is not happy at all. She has not been loved truly by her family: her mother always says that she brings bad luck to her. One day, she accidentally meets a fortune teller who says that Cansu would find a true love if she reads the signs. Out of pure coincidence, Cansu finds herself at Olivia and starts to work there as a sales person. She acts as an ordinary girl who comes from a poor family.

What will happen when everybody realizes the true identities of each other?

Production : Bi Yapım
Producer : Burak Sağyaşar
Director: Metin Balekoğlu – Feride Kaytan
Scenario: Yazı Odası (Ayça Üzüm – Cansu Çoban)


Hazar Ergüçlü – Cansu Koran
Engin Öztürk – Kerem Özkan
Meriç Aral – Ece
Ozan Dolunay – Mert Çalhan
Hakkı Ergök – Metin Koran
Zuhal Olcay – Süreyya Koran
Aliye Uzunatağan – Bedia Çalhan
Gülşah Çomoğlu – Begüm Koran
Özgün Çoban – Can Koran
Nihat Altınkaya – Levent
Ceyda Tepeliler – Işıl
Seren Deniz Yalçın – Sude Göksu
Taner Barlas – Yılmaz Özkan
Hülya Gülşen Irmak – Ayşen Özkan
Emre Kezik – Selim

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