The Storm Inside Me Episode 9 (English Subtitle) | İçimdeki Fırtına

The Storm Inside Me Episode 9

Icimdeki Firtina (English title: The Storm Inside Me) is a Turkish drama television series, starring Merve Bolugur, Yusuf Cim and Gizem Karaca.

Two sisters, Ezgi (Merve Bolugur) and Deniz (Gizem Karaca), who had a great love for each other as children, become enemies of each other over time. Because Ezgi is in love with Emre (Yusuf Cim), whom Deniz wants to marry. A tension begins between two sisters who fall in love with the same person. Since they know each other’s secrets and weaknesses, this turns into a battle of intelligence and strategy. But this war also damages their environment. Because they cause many secrets to be revealed. And eventually, they will have to be together again so as not to be crushed under the resulting destruction.

Ezgi Kara: Merve Boluğur
Deniz Kara: Gizem Karaca
Emre Bademli: Yusuf Çim
Fırat Ateş Hazar: Burak Yamantürk
Perihan Bademli: Hatice Aslan
Selim Kara: Levent Can
Galip Erbal: Mehmet Özgür
Nusret Deran: Tarık Papuççuoğlu

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