The News That Shook Putin: Ukraine Shot Russia in the Heart!

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When we look at the developments in the region, we see that the intensity of the war is increasing day by day. This is especially true in the Eastern and Southern regions of Ukraine. Donetsk, Luhansk and Zaporizhia Oblasts are witnessing many clashes and explosions. A very important development took place in Melitopol in Zaporizhia Oblast in recent days. The Ukrainian army hit a strategic point in this region with HIMARS missile systems! Moreover, this point was one of the main supply routes of the Russian invaders!
The Ukrainian army is cornering the Russian army by targeting strategic points in the occupied territories! One of these targets is the railway bridge over the Molochna River. With this bridge, Russia was supplying ammunition to the Eastern region where the war was raging. By hitting this bridge, the Ukrainian army gained a great superiority in the Eastern region. Because the destruction of the bridge, which is one of the main supply routes of the Russian army, will increase the ammunition problem of the Russian invaders!
The bridge in the Melitopol region has been under renovation for some time. Russia attached great importance to this bridge and was trying to prevent any damage. However, the Ukrainian army discovered that the bridge was one of the supply routes of the Russian invaders and started preparations for the operation. American-made HIMARS missile systems were pointed at the bridge over the Molochna River. Aimed and missiles fired! The missiles launched from the HIMARS missile systems hit the target bull’s eye! Moreover, this operation was timely. Because the locals said that the attack was carried out when the convoy of vehicles belonging to the Russian invaders was passing over the bridge.

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