The Money Expert: “Do Not Buy A House!” 10 Ways To Make REAL Money: Ramit Sethi

In this new episode Steven sits down with personal finance adviser and host of Netflix’s ‘How To Get Rich’.

0:00 Intro
03:05 Why should someone stay and listen to this episode?
04:53 The language of money
06:03 Numbers we should know
09:47 How many people are clear on their rich life
15:40 Why people should think twice about buying a houses
26:00 The S&P500 & investing
37:00 Compound interest calculator
44:20 What are the characteristics of someone that will end up little money
47:44 How do I increase my income?
51:47 Optimising your skill sets
59:11 Should I invest in cypto
01:04:13 Always have 1 year of emergency funds
01:04:52 How much to invest & what you shouldn’t question spending money on
01:06:30 Business class flights
01:07:54 Always buy the best
01:08:38 Always spend on these 2 areas
01:11:16 Work only with people you like
01:12:59 don’t get caught up in the numbers
01:14:02 Talking about money with a partner
01:29:09 Character traits of people that will never get rich
01:33:18 The last guest’s question

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