The Fed Just Went Bankrupt (So Sad)

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In this video, I discuss how the Federal Reserve technically went bankrupt in 2023, as its tangible net equity went negative.

The Fed has sought to hide this fact by creating a fake intangible deferred asset called “Earnings remittances due to the US Treasury” which seeks to convert Fed investment losses into an asset that can be used to hide the Fed’s insolvency.

What this means in practice is that the US Treasury just lost what has been a $100 billion annual source of income for the past decade.

It is also a sign how late in the long-term debt cycle we are, where central banks themselves are blowing up.

Fortunately for us, we no longer need to hold US Treasuries or US dollars, but are now able to securely hold Bitcoin in a self-sovereign manner.

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Swedish central bank goes bankrupt: />
Federal Reserve balance sheet release dates:

Fed’s October 25, 2023 balance sheet release:

When the US Treasury stole the Fed’s gold:

US federal government spending by department or agency:

Federal government interest payments on the debt:

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