The Fed Is Just So Forked (Banks, Inflation)

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In this video, I discuss how trapped the Fed really is.

If the Fed keeps monetary policy tight, it risks a continued unwind of the banking system, as well as plunging Federal tax revenues, which require even more government debt to be issued.

If the Fed loosens monetary policy, the US will experience very high inflation.

I think that the Fed will ultimately be forced to choose the path of money printing and high inflation.

Austerity never works, as politicians who endorse it are always immediately voted out.

Bitcoin remains the best safe haven from bumbling central banks, in my opinion.

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Chart of Fed Funds effective rate:

Bank Term Funding Program (BTFP):

Fed target rate probabilities: />
US public debt to GDP chart:

Stanley Druckenmiller:

Druckenmiller on the debt situation: />
Argentine sees triple digit inflation:

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