sell my structured settlement annuity part2

sell my structured settlement annuity
sell my structured settlement annuity
Annuities- something a person buys if they can’t handle their money when they are older.
They may drop 100K in cash into an annuity and the annuity pays them $300 a month for the rest of their life.
Cost can be as much as 15% in commission for the seller (huge profits for sellers).
And annuities can carry yearly costs of 5%.
A financially smart person will avoid annuities at all costs.
structured settlement loan
structured settlement loan
Structured settlement example.
Someone gets killed or hurt by neglicence of a company or another driver.
In the lawsuit they state that you will $10,000 a year for life.

With these settlement companies – they will give you the cash upfront.
A lump sum – with no further yearly payments.
A person can pay as much as 40% of their benefits to this settlement companies.
Again – a VERY, if not extremely profitable business to be in..
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.What is Structured Settlement
What is Structured Settlement
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sell my structured settlement annuity
sell my structured settlement annuity

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