Reyyan Eyes Power😎🔥||Miran ve Reyyan❤️️||Hercai✨||Turkishseries

Reyyan Eyes Power😎🔥||Miran ve Reyyan❤️️||Hercai✨||Turkishseries
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1;Hercai (English subtitles)

Genre : bilibili Drama expressdizi Romance Serial4u Turkish123 Vostfr
Quality : Streaming Full HD
Years : 2019
Country : Turkey
Language : Turkish
Category : Turkish Series Tv Series
Status : Finished

Hercai – English subtitles
Title in English: Broken Heart
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This is the story of
Hercai (Broken Heart): Miran is seeking revenge for his parents death so he plans to marry daughter Reyyan from the family who were responsible for that. Unexpectedly he falls in love with Reyyan. Will this change the plan?

This is Hercai (Broken Heart) in english.

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Reyyan is Nasuh Şadoğlu’s granddaughter, patriarch of the prominent Şadoğlu family in the town of Midyat. However, she has never felt loved by anyone in her household except her father, Hazar, her mother, Zehra, and her younger sister, Gül.

One morning, Reyyan goes out on horseback to watch the sunrise. On her way back, her horse is nearly hit by a car. Reyyan falls and loses consciousness. The driver of the car, a handsome young man named Miran, is immediately attracted to her and offers to drive her back home. Yaren, daughter of Hazar’s brother, Cihan, is infatuated with Miran. Miran’s plan all along was to gain the trust of the Şadoğlu family, marry their innocent daughter and then leave her the morning after, humiliating the entire family and thus, exacting the first part of his revenge against the Şadoğlus.

Azize Aslanbey, who told him since he was a child that he has to avenge the murder of his parents and uplift his family’s name once again. However, his feelings for Reyyan were the real, and his actions were done against his will under the guiding hand of his grandmother. As a result, Mirran struggles to cope with what he has done to Reyyan.
As time goes on, secrets are revealed while Reyyan and Miran struggle with their feelings for each other. Reyyan is in love with Miran, but is convincing herself she hates him, while Miran struggles with extreme guilt for what he has done to the one person he has truly cared about. Meanwhile, Azize also struggles to keep her control her daughter-in-law, Sultan, and her granddaughter, Elif—who was orphaned as a child and raised by Azize—and she begins tightening her grip as the unforgiving matriarch of the Aslanbey family.

Despite his hatred for the Şadoğlu family, Miran works hard to regain Reyyan’s trust. It takes Reyyan a long time, but she realises she cannot live without Miran. Eventually, she marries him in earnest without her family’s approval.

They find a clue about the death of Miran’s parents and follow it together, which leads them to Miran’s maternal grandmother, Şükran, who Miran believed to be dead his entire life. While traveling to Istanbul, they find another lead that reveals Miran’s mother was never raped, and discover Azize bribed the police to lie in their report that she had been raped before her death. Miran breaks down and he begins questioning everything he’s been told regarding his parents’ death. Azize, angry that Miran has learned the truth, begins tracking Miran and Reyyan, making sure that any new leads they find become dead ends. When confronted by Miran, she claims that, although his mother was never raped, she was indeed murdered by Hazar. She slowly regains Miran’s trust, who believes her to be contrite. Meanwhile, Reyyan knows Azize is still lying to Miran, and becomes increasingly frustrated at her inability to break Miran’s connection to his grandmother.

During this time the family rivalry intensifies. Elif, who has always been tormented by Azize’s cruelty, escapes her house marries Azat, Reyyan’s older cousin, in yet another attempt to make peace between the families. However, Elif’s efforts turn out to be in vain and she slips into a deep depression at her grandmother’s intense hatred of her husband and desire for revenge. Elif, exasperated by the never-ending fighting and a feeling that Azat will never love her the way she loves him, commits suicide.

After the death of Elif, the enmity between both families cools. Miran and Reyyan, fed up with both families, decide to move to Istanbul permanently. Azize, who needs Miran as a pawn in her revenge, sets Miran up to shoot Azat while Reyyan watches from afar. This causes the hatred to come back in full force. Azat’s life is saved by a stranger who befriends the Şadoğlu family. He hides his real identity as he is actually Aslan Aslanbey, the true heir of the Aslanbey family. Azize faked his death and kept him hidden to protect him from the rivalry between the families.
Yaren, tired of Miran and Reyyan’s undaunted love for each other, reveals to Reyyan out of spite that Hazar is not her biological father.

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