Putin’s Private Soldiers Were Captured in Ukraine: Ukrainian Army cornered the Russian detachment!

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The Russia-Ukraine war is approaching its first year. Developments in the war show that Russia is running out of power. Russia is losing ground against the Ukrainian army, which is getting stronger day by day with the support of Western and European countries. Sanctions imposed from all over the world, problems in the stock and supply of ammunition, and the fact that almost all of the Russian people are against the occupation put the Russian army in a difficult situation. One of the biggest problems facing the Russian army is the surrender of Russian soldiers to the Ukrainian Armed Forces. Thousands of Russian soldiers have surrendered to the Ukrainian army and this number is increasing day by day.
Russian soldiers have been sharing videos from the conflict zones since the beginning of the war. In these videos, the soldiers openly express that they are being forced to fight and that they are being tortured. Russian soldiers either flee from the front or surrender to the Ukrainian army at the first opportunity they find. In September, Ukraine launched a project called “I Want to Live” to strengthen the increasing number of surrenders and to help Russian soldiers in this regard. Under this project, thousands of Russian soldiers surrendered to Ukrainian troops!
The “I want to live” project consists of a phone, a website and an application that allows Russian soldiers to surrender to Ukrainian forces. Soldiers contact Ukrainian forces using the method that suits them. The soldiers whose information is received as a result of communication must fulfill the necessary conditions for surrender. The soldier who wants to surrender must cross into Ukrainian territory. “I Want to Live” teams then reach the location of the Russian soldier on Ukrainian territory. Authorities conduct reconnaissance with mini drones in the area where the soldier is located and ask the soldier to follow the drone unarmed and with his hands raised. The soldier who fulfills the conditions is welcomed by the “I Want to Live” teams in the area where he arrives. The surrendered soldiers are then transferred to safe areas.

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