Predictably Irrational: Winning in Fitness, Health, and Wellness Categories

Have you ever been review-bombed by an unscrupulous competitor?

In this episode of Mobile Heroes Uncensored, we chat with Natalie Drozd, User Acquisition Lead at Fabulous. She’s an app store optimization expert as well as a user acquisition expert, and she chats about good ASO, bad ASO, and toxic ASO.

We also chat about being featured by Apple as an Editor’s Choice app, learning from Reforge, winning in the wellness, fitness, and health categories, and the biggest challenges to achieving and sustaining organic growth.

0:00 From the trenches to Everest
2:05 Getting featured by Apple
6:01 What I learned from Reforge
9:20 Winning in fitness and health
12:55 Dan Ariely and Predictably Irrational
16:57 Holistic mobile marketing
20:30 Achieving and sustaining organic growth
22:15 App Store Optimization
27:25 Black Hat ASO
30:05 3 tips for mobile marketers in fitness

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