Points To Check While Buying A Health Insurance Policy | Clauses In Policy | CA Rachana Ranade

In this video I have discussed in detail about the various clauses that are generally present in the health insurance policies and which everyone must know. What happens usually is that people pay the premiums timely but when the time to claim comes, they are actually unaware of the inclusions / exclusions, co-payment clauses, claim settlement procedure etc. Watch this video till the end to be educated on this issue.

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List of Insurance Ombudsman:

What is covered?
00:00 – Introduction
01:15 – What is the Co-payment clause?
02:41 – What is the Zonal Co-payment clause?
04:08 – What are the permanent exclusions in health insurance?
04:58 – What is the Waiting period clause?
06:27 – How can someone help us?
07:42 – What is the Room rent restrictions clause?
09:03 – What are the steps that we should do in case we have to submit a claim?
11:20 – How to handle claim rejections? and Conclusion

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