Our Collection of Antique & Vintage Salt & Pepper Shakers / Porcelain, EAPG, Milk Glass

In this video I show you our collection of antique and vintage salt and pepper shakers from 1800’s to modern. We have displayed a variety to show you in this video. I start out with antique milk glass shakers and then show you the antique cut glass & EAPG shakers from the collection. Quite a few of these are antique status and amazing that they are still around today. I then get into different shakers from Japan, Italy, Bavaria and Austria all beautifully hand painted. Like I said in this video, it is hard to believe that we had this many until one of our subscribers mentioned they would like to see this collection. We hope you enjoy this video and it may provide information and shed some light on this subject. We have alot of collection videos on our channel! If you aren’t subscribed make sure you subscribe and hit that notification bell so you will be notified of our upcoming video. Thank you for watching and we will see you in the next one!

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