OPI Terribly Nice Holiday 2023 Nail Polish Collection Swatch and Review || KELLI MARISSA

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Hi friends! Today I am sharing swatches of the OPI Holiday 2023 nail polish collection called Terribly Nice – I know it’s so early in the year for Christmas polishes but here we are lol! What do you think of this collection? I was surprised to see a lot of indie style polishes here!
OPI is a mainstream nail polish brand that is 3 free.

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Polishes reviewed:
OPI Salty Sweet Nothings
OPI It’s a Wonderful Spice
OPI Rebel With a Clause
OPI Blame the Mistletoe
OPI Sickeningly Sweet
OPI Put on Something Ice
OPI Shaking My Sugarplums
OPI Let’s Scrooge
OPI Peppermint Bark and Bite
OPI Hot & Coaled
OPI Hot Toddy Naughty
OPI Five Golden Flings
OPI Yay or Neigh
OPI Chill ‘Em With Kindness

On my nails: Orly Chrysalis
On my eyes: Colourpop Smoke & Roses Palette

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00:00 Introduction
01:14 OPI Terribly Nice Nail Polish Collection
12:31 My thoughts on the polishes
14:48 Price and where to buy
15:53 Rant about holidays lol

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