Online Learning Goes Mainstream: Higher education and beyond

The final installment of this series looks to the future of the role of online learning in higher education and its impact on graduates in the professional sphere. This episode considers how online learning — and the digital skills it builds — contribute to career development. Regarding the future of online education in higher education, Dr. Tracey Stuckey, Associate Clinical Professor in Psychology, said, “I do believe in the young people that are coming up behind me and their ability to solve a lot of the problems we have, and I think I would like the students to remember their power.” As this series has detailed the challenges of online learning, Stuckey’s message serves as a reminder that though there are new challenges, there are also new possibilities.

Thank you to everyone who was interviewed for this project. I appreciate their willingness to give of their time and share their knowledge and stories with me.

Thank you to my colleagues at The Lantern for their feedback and support, especially Christian Harsa, Managing Editor for Digital Content, for his guidance.

– Celia Andrews | Special Projects Producer

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