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The Bank Simulator is an Online banking simulator you may use for teaching Online banking or real world life simulations for your personal finance class. It is currently used for:

Teaching Students Online banking
Teaching checking accounts and saving accounts
Use in a classroom economy
Reinforcing money management skills
Managing allowances
Use in a classroom life simulation
As a points system for schools used by teachers and administrators
Keeping track of campus currency as an incentive program

The Online bank includes the following functionality:

Deposit money
Withdraw money
Transfer money between accounts and to other accounts
Pay Bills
Create class lists of deposits or withdrawals to your students accounts (for example salaries, rent, etc)
View monthly account statements
Use an ATM for banking transactions
Write a check from your checking account
Create separate class accounts for each of your classes and name the classes
Alter the bank date to create simulations. Make time progress faster or slower than real time. (for example, make one week of class equal 1 month of bank time).
Banking administration (edit class name, toggle deposits, delete class, update passwords, etc).

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