Modern house and garden design / Современный дизайн дома и сада

#house #architecture #garden #design #ideas
Exactly one year ago I was told that I would never be a good architect and I was fired from my job.. But I vowed to myself, that I try all my best and have a much better job… I would be successful and try to motivate all the poor people like me who are starting from scratch… I believe that hard work always pays off, Believe in yourself and don’t let anyone tell you that you are not strong enough… I soon found a better job but that was just the beginning..
This is the first house, which I share to you. I sketched it a few years ago when I was a student and I promised myself I would build it when I had enough money.. I know I will create a lot of good projects.. I am just a little girl at first, No one knows me and I am fighting alone for my dreams, but I always believed in their beauty.. And they will definitely become real..
Now I have a lot of ideas and a little free time, but if I see that you find my page interesting, then I will definitely do more for you and for me ❤️

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