Military Spouse Becomes Doctor Through Online Education Dr. Sonya Blevins is an RN and Associate Dean of Nursing at Southern New Hampshire University. She’s also a military spouse who understands that nothing in life is guaranteed.

“When my husband died, that could have made things difficult from a financial and professional development perspective,” Sonya said. “However, I had my education.”

Armed with two graduate degrees she earned online – a Master of Science and Doctorate of Nursing practice – Sonya was able to provide for her family, even in the face of tragedy.

Now, her story helps motivate other military spouses facing PCS moves and other transitions. “As a military spouse, education is key,” Sonya said. “It provides the opportunity to seek those jobs that may be hard to get, or limited, based on where you are located.”

At SNHU, we understand how difficult a career change can be for service members and military spouses. Life is unpredictable – but with flexible online degree programs, generous military benefits and military-focused support, college doesn’t have to be. Whether you’re making the military transition back to civilian life or military spouse building your own career, starting college could be the next step to helping you get where you want to go.

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