Mentality | Mental Health Documentary

This film tracks the evolution of mental health treatment through the stories of patients and professionals across the Great Lakes. Over their lifetimes, they have watched America’s mentality about psychiatric illness change and treatment options greatly improve. But in a society that leaves millions of people with mental illness untreated, on the streets, or in prison, how far have we really come since the days of the asylums?


An explorative journey into the diverse world of mental health. Produced by psychologist Dr. Mukesh Lathia, this documentary aims to shed light on the experiences of individuals grappling with various mental illnesses, whilst advocating for the importance of professional help through therapy and medication in managing these conditions.

While we strongly endorse the use of medication as a crucial component in the treatment of many mental health conditions, we understand and respect that it may not be the most appropriate solution for everyone. Each individual’s path to mental wellness is unique and should be treated as such.

We hope this film sparks conversation and reduces stigma surrounding mental health. We believe that understanding and compassion are the first steps towards change, and we invite you to join us in this pursuit.

For a behind-then-scenes look at making the film, check out my postmortem of the project: />
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Directed & Edited by Garret Morgan
Written by Keith Schnabel
Produced by Mukesh Lathia
Featuring music by Wagner Koop

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