Melody of Love Episode 1

Melody of Love Episode 1
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When it’s revealed that Neriman is Murat’s mother, things get complicated. Neriman says that she does not accept the girl as a bride, while Emine tries to understand what’s going on. When she puts her own method into action to lighten the atmosphere, she gets into trouble. Murat is already torn between his love and his mother. While he is trying to solve this situation, Kemal has planned a surprise that will impress Yaz and comfort her. This plan causes Yaz, who is trying to make it up to Murat, to forget her promise and leave Murat in a difficult situation. Yaz, who gets more confused with Kemal’s intimacy, thinks that Murat is unfair to her. The words “this boy is in love with you” that she hears from people around her start to distract her mind. When she tries to ask account for this, what happens to her will put everyone in trouble, especially herself.

Platonic lovers always want to be in front of the person they fall in love with to make them realize, to do something good for them, to make their life easier. They expect to be quiet, calm but visible without ever losing hope. But patience does not always end well. The more they are not seen, the more they get greedy, the more they are not heard, the louder they shout, and the more they are not recognised, the more they start throwing themselves from one place to another. Just like Yaz…

Cast: Nilsu Berfin Aktas, Mustafa Mert Koc, Efekan Can, Oya Basar, Yesim Ceren Bozoglu, Zehra Yilmaz, Duygu Karaca, Su Sanad, Merve Sevin, Omer Kılıc and Selin Vardarli


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