LIVE: More MASSIVE LOSES for Trump in EVERY Court | Legal AF

The top-rated legal and political podcast Legal AF is back for another hard-hitting look at the most consequential developments at the intersection of law and politics. On this midweek’s edition, Michael Popok and Karen Friedman Agnifilo, discuss: 1. Developments in the Trump Georgia Prosecution, with 2 co-defendants scheduled to go to trial in October, and the upcoming 1-day arraignment of the Gang of 19, while Trump and others fight to delay theirs; 2. Mark Meadows’ decision to take the stand to try to convince a federal judge to move his Georgia criminal trial from Fulton County state court over to federal court, the Fulton County DA putting on a mini-trial to keep it in state court, and the judge’s surprising decision before ruling; 3. the inevitable – Judge Chutkan presiding over the Special Counsel Jack Smith Trump election interference criminal case taking over as the “lead” trial judge, as she sets an early trial date and coordinates with other criminal judges, while upbraiding Trump’s attorneys in open court; 4. A federal judge sanctioning Rudy Giuliani by defaulting him in the defamation and punitive damages case finding him liable without a trial for the case brought against him by Fulton County election workers Ruby Freeman and Shay Moss, and so much more.

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