Life Is Too Short To Read Bad Books | Ryan Holiday Speaks At The Austin Central Library

Oh, you’ve read the works of Heidegger? You finished all of Infinite Jest? You made it through all of Jordan Peterson’s Maps of Meaning, all of Faulkner’s lesser works, Finnegan’s Wake and Ulysses? You must be pretty proud of yourself….

To the Stoics, it wasn’t that we read. It’s what we read. We should seek out books that make a difference in our lives…not ones that win prizes. What matters is what we think of the books, not what other people think. What’s impressive is what we get out of them, not how they look on our shelves or that they might impress certain types of company.

Read widely. Read aggressively. But don’t be a glutton for punishment.

In October of 2022 Ryan Holiday was asked to speak at the Austin Central Library. This video captures that moment and the lessons that he spoke about.

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