Leke Episode 32

Leke Episode 32

The unforgettable series of Turkish television are on Turkish Mirror!

Cem is a young businessman working as the assistant CEO in Marine Marine Holding. He built his life around his work. When he was a child, he and his brother Arda had witnessed something that broke up his parents and ruined their lives. Cem’s dark past left him with traumas he couldn’t overcome. As he doesn’t believe in love or family, he always remained distant towards women. The organization company which is run by Serpil, Yasemin’s boss, is holding a commercial launch night for Marine Marine Holding. Yasemin will face the greatest challenge she’s ever faced in her life tonight. The incidents during this night will bring Cem and Yasemin against each other. Yasemin shares an apartment with Şirin, whom she grew up with at an orphanage. One day, a call from Şirin will turn her world upside down.

Cast: Melis Sezen, Burak Sevinc, Selahattin Pasalı, Selen Ucer, Tolga Gulec, Tugce Acıkgoz

Genre: Drama
Production: Tims&B
Producer: Timur Savcı, Burak Sağyasar
Script: Yıldız Tunç, Derem Arpacı
Director: Metin Balekoğlu, Şenol Sönmez

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