Kazara Aşk | Accidental Love Episode 2 (English Subtitles)

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Second Episode, Summary

When Civan starts to remember again, he gives up facing Simal in the last minute. Because Simal’s fiancée lie brings him one step closer to his dreams of becoming the head of the company. For this reason, he continues to pretend to have lost his memory, especially for Simal. However he also wonders why Simal told this lie. Is Simal a greedy opportunist who takes advantage of his amnesia; or is there another reason about the fiancée lie?

Civan puts Simal to tests in his own way to understand what her intentions are. Simal, on the other hand, tries not to reveal the lie she told, but she feels bad for deceiving Civan. At the same time, Tahsin and Dursun decide to carry out the engagement ceremony of the young couple as it should be. Neval, definitely doesn’t want this. Okan and Vildan have made an unexpected surprise to the family, and Neval couldn’t separate Vildan from his son.

At least she wants to have a say about the girl Civan will marry. Because of the Tahsin’s definite attitude she can’t do anything. Everything gets more complicated when other surprise visitors other than Nazlı and Kenan, arrive on the night of the request (the girl). And the game that Simal and Civan play with each other takes on a completely different form. However, Civan manages to turn this situation in his favor. At least he thinks so. Because Tahsin and Dursun are preparing an unexpected surprise for Simal and Civan.

Production: Koliba Film
Producer: Ata Turkoglu
Script: Bekir Baran Sıtkı, Rana Mamatlıoğlu
Director: Sadullah Celen


Sude Zülal Güler
Ümit Kantarcılar
Uğur Çavuşoğlu
Servet Pandur
Selin Işık
Sadi Celil Cengiz
Aycan Koptur
Burak Tamdoğan
Deniz Altan
Burakhan Yılmaz
Ali Haydar Çataltepe
Öykü Candanadam
Çağdaş Tekin
Nermin Aslan
Nalan Örgüt
Billur Pınar Yılmaz

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