Ilyas Between Love and Dreams | Red Scarf Turkish Drama #shorts

Ilyas Between Love and Dreams | Red Scarf Turkish Drama #shorts

Asiye was returning home from the grocer as always when she saw a biker on the motocross track. It was Ilyas, who was preparing for a contest which was going to be held at a nearby town’s festival. This was the first encounter of Ilyas and Asiye.

They were impressed by each other at first sight. Asiye is a young girl who believes in love and doesn’t want to have an arranged marriage. Ilyas has great hopes for his future. When Asiye arrived at the festival area with her family, her only wish was to watch the young man, whom she saw practising. However Helin, who is a cool and flashy woman, gets jealous as she thinks that Asiye is Ilyas’s girlfriend. When the race begins, Asiye is introduced to Metin who pretends like he was there by coincidence when he actually came there to court her…

Asiye realizes the trap she’s in and gets away from her family quickly. As she was running away from her family and suitor, she runs off to the track and causes Ilyas to crash and be disqualified. After the race while Ilyas and Asiye were arguing about the accident, they can’t admit that they fell in love with each other at first sight. Asiye runs and Ilyas chases her… After a while Asiye stops running and Ilyas gets her on his bike. They both escape their families to go wherever the wind takes them.

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