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Happily Ever After – Episode 4

Iyi Gunde Kotu Gunde (Happily Ever After) is a romantic comedy television series produced by Saner Ayar, directed by Metin Balekoglu and starring Elcin Sangu, Ozan Dolunay and Yasemin Allen.

Also known as In Happily Ever After Leyla is a very successful wedding planner. The owner of the company Aslıhan tells Leyla that she is handing over the entire planning of her own daughter Melisa’s wedding to Leyla and expects that it will be handled in the most successful manner. The colorful story will revolve around Leyla, a wedding planner who is forced to organize the wedding of the man that she was once supposed to be married to until a wedding day escape. Sarp moves from London to Istanbul in order to marry his love Melisa, as well as transfers positions with a very prestigious hotel chain to become head of their management. Leyla is very happy that Sarp the man that she loves is being transferred back to Istanbul and this may be a new beginning for them. However when these two run into one another for the first time they are totally unaware of the shock that awaits them. Sarp left Leyla five years ago standing at the alter. No one ever knew the reason. Now Leyla is being forced to organized the wedding of the man that ruined her life.

Leyla: Elcin Sangu
Sarp: Ozan Dolunay
Melisa: Yasemin Allen
Aslihan: Senay Gurler
Meral: Derya Alabora
Perihan: Nergis Kumbasar
Halil: Hakan Salinmis
Arda: Ali Yagci
Bulent: Sinan Albayrak
Yasemin: Hande Yilmaz
Seda: Deniz Isin
Can: Tugay Erdogan

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