Get Money From Your Structured Settlement to Buy a Vehicle

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Get Money From Your Structured Settlement to Buy a Vehicle
If you’re in the market for a new or used auto, you might be wondering if you can cash out your future structured settlement payments in order to pay for a car purchase.

Benefits of Purchasing a Used Auto or Vehicle

The Price: This may seem obvious, but it’s a big one: if you’re on a tight budget, buying a used car may be the best option. And if you have your eye on a higher priced vehicle, buying it used may be the only way it becomes affordable.

Improved dependability: Even though used cars don’t usually carry the same warranties and protections that come with a new car, the initial factory warranty on a used vehicle is usually transferable to the next owner.

In the past decade, vehicles have become much more dependable, so buying used doesn’t necessarily mean that you will have costly repairs for the first few years of ownership.

Benefits of Purchasing a New Car

Newest safety features: A new car will usually have the newest safety features available. Newer cars also tend to be more fuel-efficient than older cars, which means that a new car can not only help you reduce your carbon footprint but can also save you a lot of money on fuel costs.

Warranty protection: When you buy a new car, you receive warranty protection from the manufacturer, which covers the car for the first few to several years (or once you reach a certain mileage amount, whichever comes first).

Roadside assistance: In addition to the warranty protection that comes with a new car, almost all new vehicle purchases will include some type of free roadside assistance while the car is still under warranty.

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We can give you a lump sum payment if you do decide to cash out structured settlement payments for your vehicle purchase.

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Get Cash Out of Your Structured Settlement to Buy an Auto or Vehicle

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