Forgive Me – Episode 271 (English Subtitles) | Beni Affet

Forgive Me – Episode 271 (English Subtitles) | Beni Affet

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The leading roles are played by Feride and Cüneyt on one side and Bahar and Kemal on the other. Kemal and Cüneyt play the two brothers and both make an effort to marry the girl they love. Osman Kozan is a businessman who came from Kayseri years ago and became one of the richest people in Ankara. The eldest son Cüneyt is actually the backbone of the family. As soon as he graduated from university, he started working with his father. He manages the company, responding to all his father’s harshness with meekness. Cüneyt, who had an unpleasant relationship a few years ago, is distrustful of women. But everything changes with Feride, her mother’s distant relative, who comes home.


Murat Danacı (Cüneyt)
Şeyma Korkmaz (Feride)
Hazal Filiz Küçükköse (Leyla)

Özgün Çoban (Tunç)
Mert Altınışık (Kemal)
Gamze İğdiroğlu (Eylül)
Gaye Turgut (Bahar)

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