@DrPal’s Master Class on How to FIX Your Gut Bacteria & Digestive Issues | What the Health! S2E1

Welcome to India’s first Health Podcast “What the Health!”

In the first episode of season 2, we have with us an expert Gastroenterologist from California Dr. Paliniappan Manickam AKA Dr. Pal. From Gut bacteria and Ultra-processed foods to Probiotics and detoxs, we discussed everything and anything related to the gut and much more. Stay tuned till the end to enjoy the entertaining and interesting chat to transform your gut health.

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00:00 Upcoming on the Podcast!
01:35 Doctor Pal’s introduction
02:42 Make yourself a priority
03:14 Doctors are hypocrites
05:25 Doctor Pal’s minor heart attack
08:00 Myth-busting round
10:23 Doctor Pal’s weight loss journey
11:15 The perfect blend of Indian and Western culture
13:12 Intermittent fasting research
16:31 Following our ancestors’ routine
19:55 Good gut health
21:08 Bacteria in Gut
22:30 What do gut bacteria do
24:16 Effects of bad bacteria on your gut
27:15 Why you crave junk food
30:03 How can you start eating healthy
32:35 Detox and cleanse
35:29 There is no shortcut
35:37 Circadian Rhythm
37:54 Ultra-processed foods
39:47 Gluten intolerance
41:09 Effects of Gut bacteria on the immune system
42:50 Hygiene hypothesis
43:34 Probiotics
45:03 The Probiotics Lie
48:36 Salt sugar and fat
49:34 Moderation is key
52:14 Eating the Right Way
54:30 Reading Food Labels
01:09:45 5 Key Gut health tips
01:15:31 Doctor Pal’s goal
01:16:26 Q&A
01:26:27 Doctor Pal’s Medcom show

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