Children of Sisters – Episode 6 | (English Subtitle) Kardes Cocuklari

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9. Looks Human at First Sight →
10. Let’s Be a Real Family →

“Children of Sisters (Turkish: Kardeş Çocukları)”, is a Turkish series that was broadcast on Star TV in 2019, directed by Faruk Turgut, and starring Mehmet Aslantug, Ayca Bingol, Nur Fettahoglu and Afra Saracoglu.
Umran and her daughter Hayat are an ordinary mother-daughter living in the village of “Karalilar”. Although Umran wants to protect her daughter from her husband’s torment, she cannot leave her daughter. But everything changes when a secret is suddenly revealed. This secret is connected with one of the leading figures of Istanbul high society, Umay Karay and her daughter. Two families living completely different lives are forced to come together because of blood ties.

Cast (Oyuncu Kadrosu)
Mehmet Aslantug
Ayça Bingol
Nur Fettahoglu
Furkan Andıc
Afra Saracoglu
Murat Daltaban
Alara Turan
Engin Alkan
Evrim Dogan
Elif Cakman
Handan Yildirim
Batuhan Eksi

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