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Chance For My Love 6

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The only expectation of Zerrin, a devoted mother who has devoted her life to her children, is to see her children build happy homes. But what is possible! His eldest daughter, Rüya, is platonic in love with a former actress, and has never been seen to look up at her suitors around her. His younger son Serkan is his mother’s lamb, it is clear that he will not leave the house easily. The middle daughter Öykü is abroad, in her work, in her career.

Production: Gold Film
Screenplay: Deniz Dargı
Director: Baris Yosh

Ozan: Ozan Dolunay
Öykü: Elif Doğan
Zerrin: Devrim Yakut
Rüya: Açelya Topaloğlu
Cem: Ozgun Karaman


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