CBC News: The National | Maui wildfires, Poland surveillance, Amazon pileup

Aug. 10, 2023 | The scope of the devastation emerges after catastrophic wildfires on the Hawaiian island of Maui. The Canadian government looks into allegations that Poland wanted to surveil a former Alberta cabinet minister. Plus, a B.C. woman is bombarded with unwanted Amazon packages that she never ordered.

00:00 The National for August 10, 2023
00:55 Catastrophic wildfires on the Hawaiian island of Maui
04:16 Conditions fuelling the wildfires in Hawaii
06:11 Wildfire damages Maui’s historic Banyan tree
06:54 B.C residents being asked to conserve water
07:32 Heavy rains flood roads in Ottawa, knock out power
07:54 Canada’s draft net-zero electricity regulations
10:12 Students struggle to find housing for the fall
12:23 Claims Poland tried to surveil form Alberta minister
14:47 PHAC to deploy to N.B. over reports of mystery illness
17:06 U.S. reachers prisoner swap agreement with Iran
17:33 Regional force on standby for intervention in Niger
20:32 B.C. woman bombarded with unwanted packages
23:27 Former senator Hugh Segal dead at 72
25:26 Breaking down the Hunter Biden affair
34:22 Russian missile hits hotel in Zaporizhzhia
34:40 Family works to bring home Canadian killed in Ukraine
41:20 Virgin Galactic sends tourists to edge of space
43:36 The Moment | From wildfires to the pitching mound

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