Biggest Health Insurance Secret – Avoid Rejection on Your Mediclaim Policy

Compare Health Insurance Plans – Health insurance policies are widely bought by the individuals to get financial compensation for their high costs of medical treatments at an affordable price. In this video, we will talk about loopholes in the Health Insurance Sector that can help you get your insurance claim in the easiest way.
Time Stamps

00:00 – Intro
00:40 – Health Insurance Loopholes
1:53 – Pre-Existing Diseases
2:39 – Latest Guidelines by IRDAI
3:16 – Waiting Period
4:35 – Top-Up Plan
4:48 – Additional Cover
6:00 – Group Medical Cover

About the Video
Health insurance policies protect you and your loved ones under unforeseen conditions. There are various hidden secrets in Health Insurance that can help you from getting your Mediclaim rejected. In this video, we talk about various tips that one can follow while getting a health plan. These benefits are included in the Group Medical Covers offered by most corporates as there are no waiting periods and no conditions for pre-existing diseases. There are two additional benefits that one can avail that are top-up plans and additional coverage. This video also talks about the latest guidelines issued by IRDAI on pre-existing diseases.
In this video, we’ll talk about the following concepts:
1. What are some Health Insurance loopholes?
2. What factors to keep in mind to avoid Claim Rejection?
3. What are Pre-Existing Diseases?
4. How to define Pre-Existing Diseases?
5. What are the IRDAI latest guidelines?
6. What is Waiting Period?
7. How to choose a Health Plan?
8. How does waiting period affect health insurance claim?
9. What is Group Medical Cover?
10. What is Individual Transfer?
11. What are continued benefits in individual transfer?
12. What are Top-up Plans?
13. What is Additional Cover?
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