Advertising Is Just 10% Of Marketing!

Saurabh Jain’s astrologer told him that he won’t be able to go abroad ever in life. And while he did eventually go to New Zealand, there were at least four such incidents when he couldn’t, and continues to work from India in a global role at Reckitt.

What stopped him, who he was, how was his growing up years, why was he handed a ‘lota’ and asked to go on the fields, and why how a toilet cleaner ad challenged gender norms! This and a lot more are packed in this video featuring the Regional Marketing Director- South Asia for the Hygiene category at Reckitt, Saurabh Jain.

He talks about how his liking for cricket eventually led him to focus on his studies. His internship at BNP Paribas made him realize finance is not his forte and his love for marketing grew while he was in Mumbai seeing brands grow.

In this insightful talk, he stresses how the first few years as a salesperson change your perspective towards marketing and why you can’t be a marketer without doing sales.

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