#80 Holiday

This video covers two weeks. I’m filming a bit less and take some time cleaning up and organise things. The area around the cabins gets finished and cleaned up and grass is seeded. I’m off on a small trip and spend a few days on the seaside in Portofino. Coming back I make a start with pointing the walls.

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Music in this video: Flo by Jordan Critz and Each and Every (piano version) by Kino

0:00 Thunder
1:25 Seeding grass
2:37 Cleaning the cabin floor
5:45 Making a chicken feeder
11:41 Cleaning up the second cabin
13:37 Setting up the masonry stove
20:52 Final work on the outside
26:46 Seeding the grass
25:19 Holiday
28:16 Feeding the chickens
29:36 Watering the garden
31:34 Pointing the walls
40:38 First results
44:58 Sad news
48:34 Outro monologue

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