4 Ways To Sell Insurance Policy To Customers | Concept Creation Workshop

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Many times, we’re just stuck in our conversation with new prospects because we don’t know what to say or get started when we first meet them.

In this video, I want to share with you 4 ways to sell insurance and I’ll be covering on how you can introduce the following:
✅ Life Insurance using the D.D.D framework
✅ Income Protection
✅ Retirement Plans
✅ Educational Plans

Remember, if you bring up the right concepts at the right time, you just give your clients another great reason to get covered. So, choose what you share and present wisely!

0:00 – 4 Ways To Sell Insurance Policy To Customers
00:26 – Overview of 5 learning points of this video
01:02 – Product selling vs Concept selling
01:51 – What is concept presentation?
02:06 – Disclaimer on insurance concepts
02:37 – 4 concepts to sell more insurance policy
02:57 – The D.D.D framework
04:50 – The roots & tree concept
07:10 – My father’s presentation
08:56 – Education planning concept
10:30 – What should you do to get more insurance sales?

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