10,000 Steps To Fitness Health and Wellness

Did you get your 10,000 steps in today or this week? If not may this motivate and inspire you to do so. Watch and do the full workout on Paul Eugene You Tube Channel. https://youtu.be/YcQ3JCLFVS4
It is recommended that you do cardio exercise at least 20 minutes a day and strength training at least once a week. But two days a week of strength training would be better with 48 hours of rest between each session. This will enable you to become and maintain your self as a fit person. What is meant by a fit person? The ability to do everyday chores without a struggle. By exercising on a regular basis you will be able to manage your weight, have a stronger body, have sharper mental ability, be able to manage stress and your emotions better. This will put in the state of wellness. Exercising your body soul and mind. You can visit my web site: https://www.pauleugene.com for more health and fitness tips. .

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