🆕Online Education – A Great Way of Skill Development for Professionals

Hello Oil and Gas Professionals, Do you wish to gain new skills for your professional development while you are still at your home or work? Or do you want to add more skills in your curriculum that can make you apart from the crowd in the job market?

Look no further, do your education online with the Institute for Oil & Gas Sector (IOGS). IOGS prides itself as one of the industry’s foremost oil and gas sector educational institutions.

IOGS offers a great way of skill development with its online education programs. You can learn online with IOGS through the Learning Management System (LMS). The LMS can be accessed using an internet-enabled device like a tablet, smartphone, laptop, to the computer from anywhere, and at any time and place.

IOGS has been offering the following cost-effective training and certification courses for your online education for years;
-Insulation Inspector Level 2 👉https://www.iogs.org/insulation-inspector-level-2
-Coating Inspector Level 2 👉https://www.iogs.org/coating-inspector-level-2
-Fireproofing Inspector Level 2 👉https://www.iogs.org/fireproofing-inspector-level-2
-Corrosion Under Insulation 👉https://www.iogs.org/corrosion-under-insulation
-Fundamentals of Pipeline Coatings 👉https://www.iogs.org/pipeline-coating
-Corrosion Control by Protective Coating 👉https://www.iogs.org/corrosion-control-by-coating

You can take up these online courses for your online education to hone your existing skills or acquire a fresh set of skills with ease and convenience.

You can enroll in the course and start studying online for 30 days here 👉https://www.iogs.org/enroll-a-course

Upon enrollment, you will get your login credentials to access the course through LMS, where all the course material (i.e. course modules, interactive quizzes, videos, PDF files, etc.) will be available online for your learning.

The interactive quizzes are designed to check/assess your progress while your online education. You can take the quizzes several times and ensure you consistently get a score of 80% or higher before you decide to take your online exam.

You should be ready for your online exam when you get a course completion rate of 90% or more in the LMS.

You can take your online exam anytime within 30 days of the course enrollment. IOGS issues a certificate and wallet card to those who get 70% or higher marks.

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